10 Great Reasons To Live In The South West

If you have had enough of overcrowded city living, over priced housing and under achieving schools and colleges, perhaps now is the time to consider relocating to the South West of England.

Devon and Cornwall offer some of the most beautiful coastline and countryside in the UK, and what’s more, you can still pick up some truly stunning homes for less than the price of a flat in London.

If that still doesn’t convince you, we’ve have compiled a list of 10 great reasons to live in the South West.  We love it here, and we think you would too.

Reasons To Live In The South West of England

1. The Beaches

Reasons To Live In The South West 1

Beautiful sunrise over the beach at Crow Point near Barnstaple on the north coast of Devon

From surfers to strollers and everyone in between, who doesn’t enjoy a day by the seaside?  If you lived in the South West you would never be more than a stones’ throw away from some of the very best beaches in the UK.  Fistral Beach in Newquay is perfect for anyone looking to ride the waves, whilst Porthminster Beach is so pretty on a sunny day you would be forgiven for thinking you were somewhere on the Med.  Woolacombe Beach in North Devon is family-friendly and a real throw back to the heady days of the British seaside resort at its prime, complete with tea shops and sticks of rock for you and yours to enjoy.

Living in the South West means that beaches like these are no longer just holiday destinations, but somewhere you can visit as often as you like.

2. The Moors

reasons to live in the south west 2

Brentor church perched on a rocky outcrop on Dartmoor National Park in Devon

If you want to get away from the city and really enjoy the countryside, there are three moors to choose from. They are the perfect place to enjoy all kinds of outdoor pursuits.  Whether you want to try camping in Dartmoor, or enjoy weekends spend riding bikes, walking or horse riding on Exmoor, nowhere in the UK has more to offer than the South West.  Rivers, lakes, moors and uplands are all right on your doorstep just waiting to be explored.

3. The House Prices

Relocation to the country

Compared to big cities like London, you can get a whole lot more for your money when it comes to buying property in the South West.  According the UK House Price Index, the average price for a detached house in London in 2017 was a whopping £897,788, whereas a similar property would only set you back as little as £371,870 in Devon or £343,409 in Cornwall.  That’s such a big difference, you could buy two new homes and still be quids in!

The cost of living is also lower in the South West as council tax, rates and other expenditure tends to be lower than it is in big cities.

4. The Employment Opportunities

reasons to live in the south west 3

Advances in technology mean that you no longer need to be living close to your office in order to be able to contribute effectively.

You may be thinking that house prices are cheaper in the South West because there is less work available.  Whilst it is true that some areas depend a lot on seasonal opportunities, there are also a lot of major employers in the region that offer great career potential for anyone with the right skills.

Advances in technology mean that you no longer need to be living close to your office in order to be able to contribute effectively.  Distance workers get a great work/life balance living the South West, and even those that commute to larger towns like Exeter, Dartmouth, Plymouth or Falmouth can still forge great careers closer to home.

5. The Schools Are Great Too

reasons to live in the south west 4

Children in the South West benefit from not only a great education, but also the opportunity to spend time outdoors.

Throughout the South West there are many great schools to choose from, to suit students of all ages and abilities.  You can scroll through the Ofsted reports or read league tables to find figures to back that up easily enough, but one thing is for sure, happy children respond better to education.  Children in the South West benefit from not only a great education, but also the opportunity to spend time outdoors, in small, happy communities and actually take the time to be children, something which is so hard to do in big towns and cities.

6. The Weather

reasons to live in the south west 5

Yes – it is true that the South West has better weather than most of the rest of the UK.  Our westerly location means we usually see milder winters and warmer summers. Devon and Cornwall actually boast some of the longest hours of sunshine in the UK of any mainland location. In fact, only the Isles of Scilly beat them!

7. Lower Crime Rates

Crime rates across the region are a mere fraction of those you would find in London or any other big city.  In a recent survey Devon and Cornwall were among the places where people are least likely to be targeted by criminals. Compared to the national average of 20.54 crimes per 1000 people, Cornwall has an average of only 11.03 crimes per 1000 people each year and Devon averages just 8.3 crimes per 1,000 people. Compare this to Central London where the crime rate can be as high as 160 crimes per 1000 people.  In this respect, the figures speak for themselves.

8. People Are Happier And Friendlier

Living in more rural communities means that we are generally nicer folk and friendlier too.  Many of us don’t need to deal with the daily struggles of life in a big city and that makes us more relaxed. People living in Devon and Cornwall are less anxious, feel happier, have a higher level of self-worth and are able to find a better work/life balance, so says the Office of National Statistics

9. You Can Eat Better

reasons to live in the south west 7

Because farming is so prevalent in the South West you are never more than a short distance away from locally farmed, delicious fresh produce.  Organic fruit and vegetables, as well as fresh meat and sumptuous seafood can all be found easily throughout the region.  Add in all those traditional cream teas that we are so famous for and a move to the South West could be a big hit with your tastebuds (and probably your waistline too).

10. Finally, There Is So Much To See And Do

A life in the South West is certainly never dull.  From the moors and beaches, to the historic towns and picture-perfect villages there is always something to do.  From adrenaline packed sporting activities, to quiet strolls on the beaches, great shopping opportunities and even better restaurants, pubs and cafes, you can find them all throughout the region.

If you are thinking of starting a new life in the South West, what are you waiting for?  Live the life you have always dreamed of down here with us.  The friendly team at Chartsedge Estate Agents  are here to help you find the perfect home for your big move. Contact us today!