10 Must Do’s In A Holiday Home Let

Chartsedge in association with leading South West holiday letting agent  Helpful Holidays have selected the 10 most important things that holiday home owners and their tenants now need:

1. Free Wi Fi–many of our holiday home owners buy their properties to get away from it all. They want to be out and about with their children/grandchildren without them always watching TV or be on their phones. However it has become such an essential part of people’s lives and is now expected even on holiday and is one of the first questions both Chartsedge and Helpful Holidays are asked “is there a Wi Fi connection?”  How many adults go on holiday and cannot resist the temptation not to look at their emails?  Sunshine, the online travel agency, carried out a poll and half of the 2,113 professionals asked admitted to checking their business emails every day while on holiday.Watch your chosen entertainment any time on a smartphone, tablet, TV or computer Teenagers like to keep in touch with their friends even when on holiday and need access to the web. Helen Hayes from Helpful Holidays commented ‘  even 4 years ago we rarely got asked whether a property had Wi Fi now 90% of our holiday makers ask and if it is not provided are surprised and disappointed. The properties that have Wi Fi are easier to let and receive more bookings’

 2Furniture – Granny’s old furniture is no longer acceptable in holiday let properties. saltwind2013-1Nearly all holiday makers want an environment that is at least as good as their own homes or better. Gone are the days of ‘making do’ with shoddy, old furniture. Ensure your furniture complies with the latest fire regulations, much of Granny’s furniture doesn’t.


 3Wood Burner/Open Fire – In older period properties a real fire or wood burner makes the house feel cosy and warm and can seriously increase your letting potential in winter months. It can also help with heating bills.

4. Carpets – These need to be cleaned every year and replaced every 3 to 5 years if you are letting your holiday home. Remember there is more foot fall in a holiday home than in a normal house. If your property is by the sea don’t forget there is a lot more sand!

5. A Good Cleaner/Changeover company – One of the regular comments found in Guest Books (see later) of holiday home owners is the state of the property. If they have a reason to complain about cleanliness they often start looking critically at their accommodation and come up with more moans.

6. Locked cupboard housing the heating controls – Hot water and heating needs to be available for the majority of the day in a holiday let but make sure you are in charge of the timings. Some holiday makers just put everything on 24 hours a day and then open windows when they are hot –very expensive!!

7. Spare crockery – Have a supply of spare glasses and crockery in a locked storage cupboard – flat,550x550,075,fFor some reason they get broken more often in holiday homes, it may be something to do with the increased wine intake! If your cleaner/ management company can replace these items easily you will not be bothered by calls or having the hassle of sourcing the same items which can be out of production.

 8. TV – Many holiday homes have a small TV that everyone has to crowd round to see. Replace the old one with a larger one with inbuilt freeview to keep the children quiet while the grownups prepare dinner.

9. Be child friendly – A sturdy fold away travel cot is essential to attract the younger families and can extend your letting period outside the normal school holidays. This will save boot space in larger families cars.

10.Guest Book – Every holiday tenant loves looking at what the previous people have said about their home away from home. guest_bookMiles from Chartsedge said “when I had a holiday let cottage in Cornwall I chose a guest book with removable pages because sometimes you can get a smart Alec who will put in an inappropriate comment “



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