3 Things to Do before Moving into a Home

3 Things to Do before Moving into a Home

Buying a home is sometimes a lengthy process. You shop around for one you love, gather up a ton of documents to apply for a loan, wait for approval, then home inspections and finally a closing date. After all that, you get the keys and probably can’t wait to finally move in.

It’s exciting, but it might be worth holding off on moving day for a weekend or two. If you’re not super-pressed for time now, you can likely save some time and aggravation later by preparing a home for move-in.

With that prep work in mind, here are three things to do before moving into a new home.

Have a Paint Party

Chances are, you will want to change the colour of at least some of the walls in your new home. Or maybe you were able to negotiate a lower purchase price because the whole house needs to be painted. Whatever the case, painting a home is so much easier when it’s empty.

A great way to get a lot of painting done quickly is to have a lot of people do it. So invite friends and family over, have them bring their brushes and rollers and make a day of it. Order in some food, supply a fridge of drinks, and you can have a house painted quickly, and for much less money than it would cost to have professionals do it.

Do a Deep Clean

Just like an empty house makes for easier painting, so, too, is it conducive to cleaning.

While the sellers of your home likely kept it clean while showing the home to potential buyers, any of that cleaning was done with their furnishings and belongings still in it. And as clean as the home might seem, chances are the sellers made a mess while moving out, without cleaning up afterward.

So after any painting or other cosmetic work is done, a good cleaning is probably a good idea before you move any of your belongings in the home.

Draw up Plans

When shopping for homes, it’s inevitable that homebuyers will look at houses with an eye toward how their own things will fit in a home. For example, that comfortable sectional sofa you adore and spend a ton of time on – will it work in the new family room?

It helps to take measurements and draw up some rough floor plans for your stuff in your new accommodations. That way you know heading in what may or may not be worth moving, and you’ll have a firmer grasp of what you will have to purchase new. If you actually use a tape measure and some sketches, or use an online planner such as home styler, you’re less likely to pay to have something moved to the new house that you’ll have to get rid of anyway. And if you’re having a garage sale or something similar before you move, you’ll have a better idea of what you should include. Getting a few pounds for something and not having to haul it from one house to the next seems better than moving it only to throw it out or give it away.

Moving into a new home is certainly exciting. You deserve to feel some giddiness over your next adventure. But if you can take a few days to remove yourself from the euphoria and take some logical steps before you move in, the experience might be that much better. You could wind up with a cleaner, better-decorated home without much hassle.

We hope you’ve found these tips useful. If you need help finding your new home, or moving into your new home, then contact us at Chartsedge and we will be happy to help.