6 Super Simple Ways to Add Luxury to Your Holiday Home

If you are looking to refresh your holiday home, or if you have only just purchased it and are looking to decorate it for the first time, you might like to consider making it feel extra luxurious so that anyone who stays where will feel like they are staying in a high-end hotel.

There are plenty of ways to add a bit of luxury, and here we share six ideas which we hope will inspire you.

luxury bedroom

Pick a theme before you decorate

The most luxurious homes are those which have a theme that runs through every room and pulls the whole look of the house together. It is advised that you choose a theme which is in keeping with the style of the house, and that even the smallest décor details are taken care of.

Different themes to consider are those from the period when your property was built, a seaside theme if you are by the beach, or even a completely contrasting theme from its environment. Items in brass and copper are on trend at the moment and look fantastic placed with modern finishes and a breathtaking view.

Whatever you choose make sure you add comfort on par with WOW factor (and do so in abundance).

Holiday Home Design

Accessorise with luxury in mind

When you furnish your holiday rental property it is important to remember that you are creating a living space for two parties, yourself and your guests.The right accessories can really make a home look luxurious, and paying attention to what may seem like little details will make the difference. Choosing high quality pieces will mean that everything looks well put together, even if it does end up costing a little bit more, and they’ll have better longevity than cheaper items too.

Accessorise with stunning metallic pieces, hang large mirrors on the wall to make the most out of natural lights, and use neutral colours to create a sophisticated base to build up your luxurious look from.

If you’d like to add some colour to your holiday home, aim to create feature walls in bold tones or use wallpaper if you fancy something more adventurous. Researching which colours are on-trend is a great way to find some inspiration before you get started.

Choosing thick, soft fabrics for your holiday home is another great way to make it feel luxurious, and high quality bedding, blankets and towels will make it feel like a 5* hotel. Curtains, carpets, rugs and throws should all be created from gorgeous materials which will help to build up luxurious textures within each room.

Invest in some artwork and support your local artists!

Having a gallery wall in your holiday home will make it feel extra luxurious, especially if you carefully choose pieces which suit your theme. Pictures look great when framed in dark wood or metallic, and a combination of different sizes can look exceptional when thoughtfully arranged.

It may even be that you love taking photos yourself and can use these within the home. Pictures of the area where it is located are also a nice touch, especially if it is set in the countryside, by the beach or in a picturesque town.

Your display of artwork can be altered as often as you like, so you could hang new pictures to suit the seasons or as colour trends change to keep things looking fresh and up to date.

Make the most of outdoor space

If your holiday home has a garden, you must make sure that you do not neglect this when giving it a luxurious makeover as stunning outdoor space can really make the property feel extra special and standout from other options which may be available.

Setting up lighting so that the garden can be enjoyed in the evening is a great idea as the ability to eat and chat al fresco is on a lot of people’s holiday home wish lists. You could choose subtle fairy lights, a selection of large outdoor candles, or have some more permanent lighting installed if your budget allows for this.

A hot tub is another luxurious addition to consider if you have some space outside that you need a use for. This will give those staying in the home the opportunity to unwind and relax, and to have fun socialising too. You can even hire a hot tub and save yourself the main cost.

Hire an Interior Designer

If you are still struggling for ideas on what to do with a new design, you could try the new trend of online interior designers whose services start from as little as £49 per room and even supply you with a shopping list.

When considering a new look for a room, “Getting an interior designer in” has long been considered an elaborate cost…but things have changed and with this new breed of designers you get the same level of expert advice and the long shopping list of recommended furnishings but without the expected large invoices at the end.

Companies such as Room Revolution offers packages, which promises two weeks’ online design time with an expert, a digital concept board, furniture placement plan, set-up instructions and a clickable shopping list.

Its the perfect solution for anyone wanting the designer look but struggling for ideas.

We hope this helps give you some ideas for decorating your holiday home. Contact us for any assistance with your holiday home.