9 Simple Tips for Boosting the Selling Price of Your Home

Tips for Boosting the Selling Price of Your Home

You don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive home improvements to increase the value of your home. Paying attention to detail can make a great impression on viewers and transform your home into a much more desirable property. Here are nine simple tips to for boosting the selling price of your home to help convince potential buyers to make a higher offer.

1 – A Quick Paint

Don’t underestimate the importance of cosmetics. A fresh lick of paint throughout your home can brighten it up and make it much more appealing. If you do this, try and use neutral colours such as cream to provide a blank canvas for viewers to project their own decor ideas onto.

2 – Carpets & Floors

Similarly, give all your carpets a thorough clean to brighten them up and remove any residual odors. Replace old and worn carpets or rugs with low-cost ones in a neutral color that doesn’t show the dirt. Also make sure any tiled floors are clean and free of dirt & marks.

3 – Easy-Fix Repairs 

Take care of all minor niggles and repairs throughout your property. A lot of small issues can add up to a big turn-off. You’ll more than repay the cost of carrying out inexpensive repairs by showing buyers your home has been well maintained. If you’re unable to take care of these yourself then it’s worth hiring a handyman

4 – How Does Your Garden Grow

Give your garden a makeover, ideally making it neat and attractive but low-maintenance. You want your viewers to imagine relaxing there, not constantly working to keep it looking tidy. Make sure hedges are trimmed, lawn is cut, and any twigs, leaves, or rubbish is cleared away. If you’re garden, balcony, or driveway is uninspiring, you can add an easy splash of colour with a couple of low-cost potted flowers from a garden centre.

5 – Bathroom Details 

Give your bathroom a spruce up by fitting new faucets, shower heads, and mirrors, as well as adding other attractive accessories. A full remodel is probably unnecessary unless your bathroom is very out of date, but concentrating on surface appeal gives the impression of newness without the cost.

6 – Kitchen – the Heart of the Home

And the same goes for the kitchen. Clear the work surfaces as much as possible to increase the sense of space, replace any visible utensils with shiny new ones, and make a feature out of storage jars on shelving. Also, give all your appliances a thorough clean to make them look as fresh and new as you can.

7 – Declutter – Less is More

Increase the impression of spaciousness elsewhere in your home by decluttering ruthlessly. Aim for tidy, almost-bare surfaces with tasteful decoration rather than a homely jumble of ornaments and mementos. Importantly, pare back the number of family photographs and so on. Too many personal items will make a viewer feel uncomfortably like a trespasser on your territory.

8 – Let There Be More Light

Let as much sunlight into your home as you can by replacing heavy curtains or blinds with lighter ones, and by removing obstructions such as large houseplants from your windowsills. Position mirrors carefully to make the most of what light there is, and add subtle floor or wall lighting to brighten any murky corners.

9 – First (and last) Impressions

And lastly, ensure you make a good first impression by giving your front door a paint or varnish, and also add a friendly welcome mat to greet your viewers. First impressions count!


Individually, these changes won’t cost much to make. But add them all together and you’ll make your home a much more attractive purchase, and can be sure of receiving higher offers that more than recoup the expense.

We hope these 9 Simple Tips for Boosting the Selling Price of Your Home help you in preparing your home for sale. If you’re considering selling your home contact the team here at Chartsedge, and we will be happy to help.