Annual Tourist Invasion

Well, what a year it has been!

Moving to the South West one becomes accustomed to the annual summer invasion of friends and family desperate to have a break and stay in Devon, which we usually look forward to and is a nice change and great fun.

However this summer has been a whole new ball game, with so many people choosing the ‘staycation’ that their thoughts turn to memories of those old friends/distant relatives who moved to Totnes back in the mid 1990s…, and whom they’ve not seen since and it would seem they suddenly felt a visit was long overdue!

So, it’s been a busy busy summer – no foreign holiday or big villa for these guests and instead they come and squeeze into our half finished house, trying not to notice the occasional holes in ceilings and walls, the ghastly carpets, cracked floor tiles and large cobwebs adorning most windows. It has in fact been quite hilarious watching them lost for words wondering what drove us to buy this rather unattractive and wood-louse munched house.

But, when the sun finally shines things look much less bleak and they finally see the appeal. The garden turns from a soggy jungle into a sunlit haven, and everyone soon relaxes over a cup of tea (or something stronger) they partake in a game of croquet on the lawn, picking sweet peas and enjoying fresh vegetables straight from the garden. We put up the bell tent and offer the glamping alternative – sadly the compost loo is still on the ‘to do’ list and the solar panel shower is merely in my dreams…, but the children in particular jump at the chance, giving the parents a much hoped for break.

And then of course it is all about location, we have beautiful unspoilt beaches (if you know where to go) within 20 minutes plus a short walk, no ice creams and no grockles….,perfect! Plus being on the edge of Totnes we have the huge advantage of being able to walk or cycle into town thereby avoiding the horrendous traffic that builds up throughout the day and which has been particularly bad this year. Totnes is always busy and buzzing, it is known for its ‘alternative’ lifestyle but is just a very vibrant town with something for everyone and a cosmopolitan vibe to it.

We have two lovely Estates on our doorstep which provide excellent walking, plus at Sharpham there is a well reputed vineyard and café not to mention the main house where they have mindfulness retreats amongst other things; Dartington has lovely Gardens, a Great Hall, Cinema, Café and is a very busy centre for arts and music amongst other things, it is also a popular and pretty swimming spot where the Dart meanders magically through the meadows.

In addition the villages of the South Hams are pretty and varied, with many lovely hostelries nestled into the Devon hills or alongside the River Dart, and then of course there is Dartmoor – affording the opportunity to don the walking boots and conquer as many tors as possible, or just wander and observe our beautiful native ponies not to mention some rather lovely pubs there too.

All in all Totnes and the South Hams has something for everyone, and we do acknowledge how lucky we are to live here even if sometimes we feel a little reluctant to share it!

If you are looking to buy or sell in this glorious area please do contact us to discuss things further.

Caroline Godwin 01803 505115