Busy Build up to our September Property List

We send our September Property List out on the 2nd Friday to give a chance for people to get their feet back under their desks at work.

The week before the publication we were instructed on some fantastic properties from a Manor House and Rectory to investment holiday homes and coastal apartments all of which had to be launched before they could go on to the list. Some late nights and great support from the team saw us get everything together for 9th September. A BIG thank you to all.

We have seen a real pick up in demand from buyers wanting to buy a house and move in before Christmas. We have also seen a huge increase, since Brexit, of buyers wanting to purchase Holiday Let investments for Cash. With the interest rate still at its lowest point in years and not looking to rise anytime soon these type of properties are perceived as a good income earner with capital growth in the long term. Talking to our many contacts in the holiday letting business it looks like the summer showed an increase of around 20% in bookings and this has continued into September meaning 2016 could be a record year for holiday makers visiting the South West.

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If you are looking to buy or sell please contact Gail or Miles 01392 832446 info@chartsedge.co.uk