Have you a garden or a jungle out there…?

We often overlook the impact of a garden when preparing a house for sale. However as we well know first impressions count and an overgrown garden can greatly affect the initial reaction of a prospective purchaser.

With ‘no mow May’ now over, there is no excuse for an unkempt lawn and this is one of the simplest ways to make a garden looked loved and cared for, plus a neatly mown lawn in fact makes the garden look deceptively larger and creates a great first impression. If you care for your wildlife then leaving unmown patches works well and can create colour and shape, plus means you will happy bees and bugs!

Think about texture and form in the flower beds, trim and tidy hedges and weed the borders, simple jobs but all will have an impact on the overall feeling that a purchaser will get from viewing the property.

Similarly pots and planters can provide can lovely colour without the need for excessive amounts of gardening, and if you like a more organized space or have a smaller area, think gravel or paving and keep it simple.

Outdoor living can extend the feeling of space in a house, so ensure that you have areas to sit and relax in the garden which can enable enjoyment of the morning or evening sun, or possibly a good view and perhaps if appropriate if there is a particularly pretty or tranquil part of the garden a nice bench to relax for those peaceful moments.

A garden with space for children to play in will be an added attraction for a family home, and if you have suitable trees then a simple wooden swing can be enjoyed by young and old. Similarly a pond can transform an otherwise overlooked part of a garden and can provide both a wildlife haven and a focal point.

For those with an interest in growing your own, from a thriving kitchen garden to a simple raised bed offers a lovely opportunity for a purchaser to realise what they can achieve given the time and space, so really try to make the most of your garden’s attributes by creating different areas and showing its potential.

If you have outbuildings or sheds tidy and organize them, don’t just use them as a dumping ground – a few journeys to the recycling centre will both benefit you and make your space look larger.

If you have a driveway, ensure it is weed free and in a good state of repair – replacing/ topping up any gravel can transform the visual impact and is a relatively quick and easy fix.

One of the effects that we have really noticed from lockdown and this last year is that more and more people are looking for a house with outside space, so if you are lucky enough to have a garden however large or small, do make the most of it and let it help to show your house at its very best. And if its really not your thing, then perhaps think about employing a gardener to do a quick tidy and keep on top of things whilst your property is on the market.

To discuss a property sale in more detail please do contact the Team at Chartsedge on 01803 505115, we are always happy to have a chat and see your property to provide a no obligation market appraisal.

Caroline Godwin (Our resident Gardening Expert)