Holiday Home Lets in Towns

Most people’s perception of a holiday home in the UK, is at a coastal location, with sea views, and walking distance to the beach. However, there’s a growing trend of Holiday home purchaser/property investor looking to different locations, to avoid what is becoming a crowded coastal market. Holiday Home Lets in towns are fast becoming a worthwhile investment.

Holiday Makers Heading Inland

With many holiday makers now choosing to rent holiday homes in inland locations, it’s not only coastal retreats getting all the action. In inland towns, holiday makers can enjoy days exploring around their base, for walks and hiking, local events, etc. By night, they can enjoy many of the town’s pubs and restaurants. An increasing amount of these holiday makers want amenities nearby, not wishing to necessarily use their cars – which makes small towns and villages the ideal choice. The picturesque towns & villages in the areas of Devon and Cornwall are a good examples to suit this type of holiday maker, offering great local facilities, award winning pubs & restaurants, and plenty of things-to-do.

Totnes, South Hams, Devon

Totnes in the South Hams, Devon is a such a town, in a good location, giving it’s fair share of all of the above. A market town, at the head of the estuary of the River Dart, and within the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Totnes is a historic town that combines alternative therapies, breathtakingly beautiful countryside, and a fascinating history. On the banks of the River Dart, this unique and charming town has an international reputation for its lively diverse community, and relaxed atmosphere. A perfect example of a luxury property and how to do it is Number 6 in the High Street where there is a beautiful dining room and Kitchen.

Totnes: A Market Town with Lots On

There is a huge amount to do in Totnes: from the increasingly popular Sea Change Music Festival in June, Christmas Market in December, the incredible monthly Food Market and the world famous Way With Words book festival in July. A full list of events can be found Whats on Totnes. Country walks are on your doorstep.Enjoy a walk through the Sharpham Estate stopping to taste their wine and have a bite to eat at The Cellar Door Café . Then, if you are feeling energetic you can walk all the way to Dartmouth along footpaths and country lanes. If you’re feeling more adventurous, the vast expanse of Dartmoor is just a few miles away. A town like Totnes is easier to get to then the coast (who needs summer coast road traffic jams!), and arriving by train is even easier, with direct links from London Paddington.

Holiday Home Investment in Towns

Holiday home investors are finding these types of town lettings not affected by the seasons, with no large gaps through winter months. Whilst coastal locations in Autumn / Winter month can be almost completely empty, inland towns like Totnes are still bustling with life. People attend events, weddings, weekends away all year round. As Totnes and other Devon towns are not well-serviced by good hotels, the preferred option is to stay in self-catering accommodation – Giving a good opportunity for the holiday let market.

It is preferred to have some outside space but not essential but parking is a must.  Other important facilities include a good TV with access to Sky/Netflix, a stereo system and Wi Fi. In the kitchen it should be fully kitted out for easy cooking and have a coffee machine. A great example of a centrally located house in Totnes that lets well is with Airbnb and is called Market House The bedrooms should be as luxurious as possible and it is wise to spend some money on a good mattress and great bed linen as lie-ins are what they are looking forward to. For great linen service try Eco Laundry where you can even rent your sheets and towels.

As you can see, there’s potential for holiday home let buyers / investors to reap the rewards of their investment. Not only for the usual coastal holiday home rentals, but for properties more inland too – and Devon towns such as Totnes could prove a worthy investment. Holiday home lets in towns could be the way forward for investors.

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