Holiday Homes In Devon

Quite a few of our clients do not realise that as well as selling residential properties in the South Hams and South Devon we also are expert is successfully selling our clients holiday homes. We are more well known in the Cornwall area for doing this, and so wish to use this expertise to help our clients and sell more of these second home types of properties in the South Devon area.

Chartsedge Director Miles and his colleague Caroline both have first hand experience is running their own holiday lets having had properties in Watergate Bay and St Ives. With this specialised and personal knowledge, we are perfectly placed to offer the best advice to clients in order to achieve the highest possible price for our holiday homeowners and to be trusted by the buyers.

Coming Soon. Great Hol. Let South Devon

Our large database of second home buyers falls into a number of categories, however the vast majority are cash buyers, so sales can be completed in a short time with less fuss. Some of our buyers are pure investors and are looking for the best possible return for their money, they will look in detail at income and costs and so we often ask clients to produce their income and costs for the last 5 years. You can simply glean this information from your tax returns.

However, the most common buyers are those that want to use the property themselves with their family and friends and then rent it out at other times to cover the costs and provide some income. These buyers are led by their heart and often fall in love with a property first, and then ask for the income details. The last type of buyers are the ones who buy a property just to use themselves, sometimes with a view to relocating to the area in due course and so they don’t want to let it out.

Bought 2003 £165,000 Sold 2023 £800,000

Our recent success in this field has yielded our clients some amazing prices over the last 6 months with at least 2 of the holiday homes that we have sold achieving similar £/sq.ft values to properties in Kensington and Chelsea in London. (Gulls Roost/ Seagrasses)

Quite a few of our buyers on our database are not looking for a specific area and would buy in Devon or Cornwall. However, with many second home buyers coming from the South East, Cornwall is a stretch too far for some of them and they want the easier journey to Devon to enjoy their holiday home.

Search Criteria

The desire for apartments has waned due to the bad press of cladding problems with many new build apartments. The most popular choices are coastal or waterside houses with their own gardens close to amenities, high on the list would be a 3 bedroom house with large open plan living space. This gives the flexibility of 2 couples with children staying or the ability for grandparents to accompany their children on holiday, and it is important to note that many of the buyers have help with the purchase from their parents. This is also popular with holiday let clients and 3 bedrooms plus is becoming one of the more searched for criteria. Having said that the older buyer nearing retirement still looks for a 2 bedroom holiday home as it is more manageable and they use it a lot more themselves so don’t need the space.

Equally a 1 bedroom cottage can have a great deal of charm and can often be let at a premium if going high end, as it can be marketed as a cosy/romantic retreat for couples. You just have to look at some of the properties on Boutique Retreats website to see this with some weekend breaks earning second home owners in excess of £1,000.

The majority of these buyers are time poor with busy careers and we are often asked how the management of the properties work as they live so far away. Buyers have to consider when things go wrong when they have guests, which of course they inevitably do, like ovens not working, lost keys, broken cots etc. so having a reliable team that handles all these niggly problems is worth its weight in gold. The properties we have which already have a lettings company and a management company that deals with changeovers and the day to day running of the property are proving very popular. We are perfectly placed t talk through all these factors especially as miles wife runs a high end Holiday let Management business called Bespoke Devon.

So if you have a Holiday Home For Sale in Devon or considering selling your Holiday Home/Second Home please give Chartsedge a call for a no obligation chat to discuss how we can achieve the best price for you. 01803 505115