How to Choose an Estate Agent

Choosing the right Estate Agent to sell your home is very important. Not only can this decision impact how quickly your home sells, but it can also influence the selling price, and the overall experience in selling your home. You may find it easier to choose an experienced professional who is right for your needs if you use the following strategies to narrow down your choices.

How to Choose an Estate Agent

Ask People You Know

Word-of-mouth recommendations provide a good starting point when you are looking for an agent who is going to be handling one of your most important assets. Be sure to ask the following types of people to obtain reliable recommendations:

  •         Individuals who have recently sold their homes
  •         Homeowners with the same needs as your own
  •         People who have sold their homes in your area
  •         People who have recently bought in your area

Keep in mind that people who provide recommendations often expect you to follow their suggestions! Make it clear that you are asking lots of people for guidance, and don’t be afraid to ask friends and family too.

Speak with an Estate Agent in Person

If your instincts are usually reliable, take the time to speak with the estate agent in person. It is a good idea to speak with at least two professionals from different agencies to allow for a comparison. Ask the same questions, and use the answers to guide your choice. The agent’s willingness to speak with you is a good indicator of what future communications will be like in managing the sale of your home.

Location, Location, Location!

In most cases homeowners employ a professional Estate Agent to sell their home. The agent’s familiarity with the locality and neighbourhood often makes it easier to encourage a buyer’s interest in the property. Choosing a local company makes it easier to meet with the agent in order to discuss your home.

Ask These Questions

Knowing the answer to certain questions can help you determine which Estate Agent is the best match for your needs. Ask the following questions:

1. How long has the agent been established and what is their experience?
A well-established agent that has experience selling properties around your area is preferable. They will also have the knowledge of key selling points for the area which buyer’s look for, such as local parks, schools, hospitals, etc.

2. What marketing strategies do they use?
Agents who use several marketing strategies may encourage a faster sale than individuals who only use one or two advertising techniques. For instance which online platforms will your house be listed on?, what paper advertising do they subscribe to, etc.

3. How many clients are they currently representing?
Knowing how many other people are relying on this agent’s expertise gives you an idea of the amount of time they will have for you. Many agents have vast amounts of properties to market and are unable to give the time to your property that it deserves. Check on their website to see how many properties they are currently working with and what types, you can then see if it’s going to be a good match.

4. How many homes have you sold in the last 6 months?
Estate Agents usually sell houses!, so if the answer is none or only a few, you may want to ask why, or keep looking to choose a better estate agent.

Answers to all of these questions and speaking with a prospective estate agent should give you the tools to make an informed decision on how to choose an estate agent. Use your intuition and time to research, and be aware of the little things, such as how they present themselves, tidiness of the office, etc.

Final Thoughts on How to Choose an Estate Agent

how to choose an estate agent 2

Choosing an estate agent is an important decision in the sale of your home. Take your time and make sure that you know exactly what services are being offered and what fees will be charged. Ask around about Estate Agents – see if friends or family have used them and what the service was like. Don’t be afraid to check what their clients say and check for customer testimonials, too.

At Chartsedge we pride ourselves on being one of the leading Estate Agents in the South-West of England. Based in the market town of Totnes, we work hard for our clients to sell houses for the best price possible and with complete customer satisfaction. We welcome any questions you have in your research for choosing an estate agent. So if you would like us to help, then contact us here at Chartsedge and we will be happy to answer any questions to help you sell your house.