i-hut @Stonerush Lakes

i-hut livingCharteroak Estates launched the “i-hut” at the Grand Designs Show last year.

Now on show at Stonerush Lakes in Cornwall.

An i-hut is an affordable, ingenious holiday home which packs a punch.

Good things come in small packages, this idiom is certainly applicable to the i-hut.

The i-hut is a new venture and unique to the market. A creative and original answer to aspirational second home ownership.

The best thing for grown up glamping.  i-hut is a mainstream product which surpasses any existing holiday home of this type currently on the market of this type.

i-huts have been developed to provide an affordable answer to acquiring a holiday home with an inventive and resourceful solution.

Small it may be, but perfectly formed with carefully considered, sensitive and creative design and planning.

i-hut kitchenThe i-huts are to be located at Stonerush Lakes in Cornwall, where holiday restricted planning permission exists.

i-huts are cedar clad on exterior walls and roofs. They have floor to ceiling windows and beautiful neutral interiors.

The i-hut is a tardis which reveals 1 or 2 bedroom layouts, kitchen and bathroom. They are finished to exacting standards with great design and featuring desirable high end natural materials.

The second bedroom option has a mezzanine “loft” location which overlooks the sitting area and French window end doors, overlooking the deck. This is a great space for those with a youthful outlook, accessed by a “loft” ladder. This bedroom can be themed to appeal to many youthful tastes, from posh hayloft to chic bohemian pad.

The micro kitchen has mod cons – a sharp blend of functionality but with an eye for pleasing aesthetics. All components exist to provide for the required standard of holiday living – if you don’t want to rough it in a tent or traditional caravan.

i -hut All roomsi-hut is affordable and accessible. It can be financed through various sources and purchased just like a car or boat. The i-huts will provide potential for creating income, as holiday homes, which will assist or fully finance the purchase – depending on the deposit ratio.

 i-huts are built by hand in Devon.