Keeping it Local

During these strange times of lock down due to Covid 19 everyone’s dreams and good intentions of shopping locally and supporting local businesses has become a reality. It is heart-warming that where I live in Totnes and the surrounding villages have shown their support to the local businesses.

On the 23rd March many of the local businesses throughout the UK saw their income completely stop almost overnight. The leisure sector including pubs, restaurants and caterers were especially affected having to shut up shop immediately.  However many of our local business owners in Totnes have shown their entrepreneurial ingenuity and have adapted very quickly to provide services for their local community

One great example of a business adapting and the community supporting it is The Kitchen Table a very popular catering company that had all its business cancelled overnight and having to furlough staff and cancel orders. The owner, Sima, came up with the idea of keeping the kitchen open by producing great, healthy stews (which change on a weekly basis) for people that were self-isolating. The local community got behind the new offering and forward ordered and paid for their stews for the weeks to come enabling Sima to purchase ingredients and get cooking. I highly recommend you order on through her Facebook page  they are delicious.

We have also seen businesses coming together to share costs and services to enable them to keep working. AW Luscombe the local butchers got a cooperative of local businesses together to make use of their delivery vans to not only home deliver their locally sourced meat to your door step but also take away curries, fresh vegetables, general groceries and freshly baked bread. You can even get your beer delivered by  The New Lion Brewery directly. They are both doing a roaring trade and helping people stay home and keep safe.

Unlike the major chains of shops and cafes where goods come from a central factory, kitchen or storage shed miles away many of the small firms in your town buy from small family run local businesses that are just round the corner and can adapt quickly and efficiently to new market situations. This means less travelling to get the goods to the shops and with the deliveries being offered less traffic on the road.

We are not knocking the supermarkets as they have really stepped up to the plate with regard to supplying their local communities and prioritising vulnerable people and the NHS. Our local Morrison’s has been brilliant and the staff are working so hard and are keeping a cheerful face on the situation. However many people are worried about going into shops that are visited by 100’s of people a day whilst their corner shop is supplying similar products with a 2 customers at a time policy and in many cases delivering as well and you can get a same day delivery slot . Our local family owned shop Bridgetown Stores, where the team at Chartsedge are helping deliver items to the more vulnerable in Totnes, has an orderly queue (2 metres apart) outside all day and are doing a roaring trade. They have always tried to source local produce, with local bakeries supplying their bread and cakes, local breweries their beer and the local dairy their milk, cream and cheese. You can find how to order on their Facebook page

We can only hope that when the lock down comes to an end we don’t all get back to what we did before but instead remember the local producers and businesses throughout the UK that stepped up during these difficult times. They all supported their communities and helped us all stay indoors.

We at Chartsedge, a local family run business, hope you and yours are staying safe (and sane)  and look forward to talking to you about your property needs soon.

Miles Kevin

Chartsedge 01803 505115