Plants To Best Present Your Home

Ensuring Prospective Tenants Or Buyers Get The Right First Impression Is Key

Whether you’re selling your property in Devon or are looking for a reliable tenant, kerb appeal couldn’t be more important. Ensuring a prospective buyer gets the right first impression of your property is key, and growing plants will certainly help you achieve this goal.

You won’t want to leave expensive flowers and shrubbery behind if you’re relocating, with this in mind, our team at Chartsedge have five top ideas for gardeners on the move.

1. Create Vertical Interest

Plant pots can be taken with you when you move home, and they can be used to create a cheerful and positive first impression of your property. Sweet peas can easily be planted inside a pot, and when given a bamboo wigwam to grow up, they can add perfume, colour, and height effortlessly. Even better, sweet peas make an excellent choice for cut flowers too, so pop a few into a vase before each viewing and connect your outdoor and indoor spaces perfectly.

2. Self-sufficient Daylilies

If you are looking for an attractive plant to make your property look beautiful but without any onerous gardening tasks, daylilies could be just what you’re looking for. Reliable, low-maintenance, resistant to disease, and tolerant of inclement weather, daylilies come in many colours and look perfect along pathways since they perform well in all high-traffic areas.

3. Relaxing Lavender

Thanks to its calming perfume, lavender is a great choice for planting in pots close to the front door. Incredibly tough and resilient, this hardy perennial adds a beautiful splash of colour while putting  buyers at ease during their viewing, thanks to its relaxing aroma.

4. Quick Colour In Baskets

Hanging baskets represent a great way to turn any garden into a lively, colourful spot, and, as a bonus, you can take them with you when you move! Choose easy to care for, bright blooms like lobelias, begonias and petunias for a vibrant first impression.

5. Follow The Spiller, Filler, Thriller Rules

Mixed planted containers are a great way to brighten up your home’s entrance, and the secret to success is to follow the three rules of “spiller”, “filler”, and “thriller”. Choose a trailing plant such as ivy to cascade over the pot’s edge as the “spiller”, and low-lying annuals like petunias or lobelias that covers the soil between as the “filler”. When it comes to the “thriller”, you need something tall and dramatic, like ornamental grasses or canna lilies that give a tropical aesthetic.

If you’re ready to sell your house in Devon , you can rely on the Chartsedge team.

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