Preparing Your Home For Sale

Deciding to put your home in Devon on the market is a huge step and can be quite owerwhelming, but by beginning a process of preparing your property for sale it can ease the stress and even makes i fell quite exciting……

Here are eight tips every seller should follow to ensure their home is ready to welcome viewers.

  1. Do a Thorough Declutter

A rigorous declutter is essential before you place your house on the market. This will not only make your home look bigger, brighter and more inviting, but it will help massively with the moving process.

The easiest and most thorough way to declutter is to approach each room separately. Empty the entire contents of the room, and split it into three separate piles. The first should be items you adore, which will be joining you in the new home.

The second pile should be items of excellent quality, but belongings that are simply not loved by your family anymore. These can then be sold, given away, or donated to charity.

The third and final pile will consist of items that are no longer needed. These can then be taken to your local recycling centre or charity shop to be transformed into something new. These items will only have to be moved and will more than likely go into your loft at you new home and stay there for years.

  1. Clean Rigorously

Your home must be sparklingly clean in the preparation process to allow for the best quality photographs to entice the most viewers.

Consider renting a carpet cleaner to scrub the floors throughout your home. Additionally, take this opportunity to deep clean the blinds and curtains, which will transform any space.

If this is a daunting task employ a professional cleaner to do what is called a “Sparkle Clean“. This is a term used by developers so when they hand their property over to the new owner is is spotless.

  1. Decorate and Depersonalise

Viewers want to look around your home and imagine a place that their family will enjoy. During their visit, they will visualise how their furniture and belongings will sit in each room, which can be challenging if the space is already cluttered.

Where necessary, paint the rooms in light, neutral colours to attract the broadest range of viewers. At Chartsedge we don’t believe in taking down photos of the family as we feel this gives character to the home and makes it feel lived in. However if you have items that are on display that are only there for when a family member that gifted it to you visits, tidy these away!

However, avoid expensive renovations such as kitchens and bathrooms. These might look fantastic, but it is unlikely you will reap the rewards during the sale.

  1. Complete All Maintenance Jobs

There are many niggly things in our homes that we learn to live with. Stained carpets, leaky pipes, and unvarnished windowsills. You may have become “owner blind” as you have now got used to all these niggles and jobs that are at the bottom of the list. Ask a friend to come round and pretend to view the house so they can point out what they think needs rectifying.

Showing your home to a potential buyer with these issues suggests you have not loved and taken care of the property, which can seriously deter viewers. In such a competitive market, your home needs to do everything it can to stand out in the crowd.

These tasks are often inexpensive and quick to sort, so dedicate an afternoon to fixing the issues before you plan to put your home on the market.

  1. Switch Around the Rooms

You may use certain rooms in a way that works perfectly for your family, but that doesn’t mean it will appeal to prospective buyers.

For example, you might be currently using your dining room as a playroom. Unfortunately, this may eliminate older couples with no children or those who don’t plan to start a family soon. Remember, buyers quickly glance through the online advertisements, so your home must do everything it can to make the best possible first impression.

This is a very important as it is one of the most common request we have from buyers at the moment : Try to squeeze in an office space where possible. More people are working from home than ever before, and a dedicated space for a desk will make a huge difference.

  1. Set The Scene

Home staging is the process of ensuring your home looks its absolute best before the photographs are taken, or buyers enter the property. You might decide to lay the table, add new lighting, or even rearrange the furniture to maximise the potential of each space.

Fill rooms with fresh flowers and reed diffusers before viewers arrive to leave the house smelling beautiful.

  1. Freshen up the Garden

The outside space is as important as what’s inside the home for most buyers. Therefore, ensuring your garden is in top condition is imperative.

Before de-weeding the area and mowing the lawn, you should remove any empty plant pots, toys, or general waste. This shows the garden has been cared for throughout your ownership.

Kerb appeal is crucially important too, and viewers often make snap decisions on their first impressions. Therefore, it may also be worthwhile to paint any garden walls or fences, brightening up the area.

  1. Arrange a Fantastic Photographer

Once your home is ready to be put on the market, it’s time to hire a fantastic photographer to capture all of your hard work. At Chartsedge we employ professional photographers who can show your property in its best light. With options of raised photography, drone video and dusk shots we can really make your house stand out.


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