6 Tips For Selling Your House in the Winter

Posted by in Blog on the 11th of December 2019

Tips For Selling Your House in the Winter

Homeowners can face an extra set of challenges when they put their house on the market in the winter months. It’s much harder to have a home look bright on a gloomy winter day than when the sun is shining and flowers are growing in the garden. The following tips can make your home look inviting, cozy, and the place-to-be when the rain pours, temperatures drop, and wind howls. Read our tips below for selling your house in the winter months.

Outdoor Maintenance

It’s easy to let outside repairs go during the cold winter months. Things usually be spotted when you’re in the garden and outside the house in spring and summer, can go unnoticed in winter months. So, it’s worthwhile taking a walk around your property and garden, and fixing any things like broken fences, gates, split guttering, etc.

Keep Walkways Clear

Your driveway, paths and any walkways should be completely free of leaves before house viewings. Narrow, wet, or even snow-covered pathways are never inviting to potential buyers and create a negative impression. People want a home with easy and comfortable access every season of the year. If the weather hasn’t been favourable, ensure the paths and walking areas to your house are clear and provide a safe and easy access to the property without reminding them of the weather or season. Consider pressure washing driveways and decking and patios in the autumn to keep them looking tip-top.

Brighten Your Home

There is less light in the winter, and with evenings drawing in and dusk early in the day, you don’t want your home to appear dark and gloomy. Before buyers arrive, open blinds and curtains to let as much natural light in as possible. Turn on all the lights, and use lamps to light corners and make the rooms be viewed as bright as they can be. This will also help rooms look as big and spacious as they can be.

Warm Up Your House

It’s very important for your home to feel warm and cozy for potential buyers when selling your house in winter time. So, don’t be afraid to turn up your thermostat a couple of degrees when expecting viewings to ensure your home is warm and inviting. If you have wood burners or real fireplaces, then have them burning to demonstrate how cozy it can be. It’s widely believed that the scent of freshly baked bread will seduce prospective buyers, so why not turn on the oven and do some baking too. Have a holiday home? or a property vacant for long periods of time?… Consider leaving the the heating on low to help prevent condensation and damp build ups.


Make sure your the rooms in your house is free of clutter. All manner of extra things can make their way into the house in the winter months. Scan each room and make sure everything is neat and tidy and clutter-free. If your clutter is overwhelming why not have a garage sale, or donate items to charity. It’ll save the time and cost of moving items when it comes to moving home.


Winter days can be dark and gloomy, but your home can always be bright and inviting if you create a pleasant mood.  Accessories can help draw attention to specific areas. In winter months you can use warm colours, and cozy materials to enhance the mood of your home. Have some soft furnishings or items in every room to accentuate warmth and cosiness. Place throws on sofas and accessorise with soft cushions. Spare rooms and bathrooms can be made cosy with clean towels and bath robes.


Selling your house in the winter need not be a challenge. By paying attention to details such as lighting and the general mood of your home, you can ensure buyers are seeing your home as a cosy retreat from the cold winter days. One which they can imagine themselves living in – leading to a successful sale.

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