Take the Stress out of Moving House

We have recently completed on the sales of many properties that have been bought by families from out of the county. Moving house is extremely stressful, as we all know, but when you are moving 100’s of miles from your old house to a new area this stress is magnified and getting on top of the organisation is imperative.

When your sale is nearing exchange you will be asked by your agent/solicitor to suggest a completion date that would suit you. At this stage do not think that the date you decide on is set in stone. If you are in a chain of say 5 sales then all the people in the chain need to agree with the date which can cause a nightmare for everyone involved. Be as flexible as possible and keep calm.

Before you decide on the completion date check that your chosen removal firm has space in their diary. We were involved in a recent where we were dealing with 2 houses in the chain that were quite close geographically to each other, the buyer booked the same removal slot that was pencilled in for his vendor, neither were going to budge, which caused a few problems.

Once exchange has taken place and a completion date is set you must have the following in place.

Building Insurance: From exchange of contracts the buyer is responsible for the structure of the house they are buying so make sure adequate Building Insurance is in place.

Utilities: Inform your suppliers that you are moving house and take meter readings on completion. Also find out the utility companies that your new house uses and register with them so save time.

Keep talking to your estate agent: If there are any questions between exchange and completion talk to your agent who will be able to liaise between the parties. Everyone is stressed at this time and it is best for the agent to take the strain…..don’t worry we are used to it and experienced in handling anything that may come up.

Start Packing early: I have lost count of how many times I have had a buyer outside a house which they have just completed on with their removal team to find the old owner still packing up. This usually means that the house is not cleaned and is left in a mess. I recently had one vendor telling me that they had left a few things behind as they could not get someone to take them to the dump. I went round to the house to find 3 beds, 2 chest of drawers and 2 sofas. We managed to get the local charity to take them away but only just in time.

Day before completion: Make sure you have the completion money with your solicitor in good time for them to transfer to the other solicitor. If you are getting a mortgage your solicitor will be contacting the mortgage broker to make sure the drawn down is in time.

Make sure your solicitor or someone else who is has the authority, is in the office on completion day. This is very important as solicitors often go on holiday without telling anyone outside their office.

If you need to talk through what you need to do at the later stages of your sale process please give Gail or Miles a call at Chartsedge 01392 832446 info@chartsedge.co.uk