Should I ‘Do Up’ My Home Before Selling

The leading second home specialists Chartsedge say that the second question asked after ‘how much is our house worth’ is ‘do I do up my home before selling’. This decision could either add value to your home by making it more sellable or lose you money by making it un-sellable.

We have researched the advice given clients over the past 20 years and have made the following synopsis.

1. First impressions

Make sure your entrance is appealing. Is the front door newly painted, the drive way neat, tidy and presentable, garden weeded and lawn mown. A bad first impression can put buyers off even before they step through your front door. Front garden makeover

Do not spend a great deal of money on garden makeovers but by just getting a gardener in for a couple of days will reap you rewards.


2. Splash and Dash

A quick splash and dash on your property is the cheapest solution.  Look at parts that look tired and tatty, including the furniture. This splash and dash could involve redecorating, re-carpeting and replacing tired looking furniture. This quick solution should only be considered if your property is in general good shape and needs little or no work to the interior/ redecorating

Please remember however, if you redecorate one room the rest of the house may look shabby so be prepared to redecorate more than one. You should always try and use neutral colours which will appeal to everyone. It is better to use another colour rather than pure white, which can unforgiving as a bit of warmth in a room does wonders.

Address any damp showing in corners of rooms or peeling paint/wallpaper as this will put off buyers.

Chewed TV standHave a friend or friendly estate agent come in and critique your home. They will immediately see things you may not have noticed as you see it every day. A good example of this is the TV stand at home which has been chewed by our puppy Petal; I don’t even notice it any more!

The trick is to spend as little money as possible. Your aim is to present your property in such a way that buyers are attracted to it because there is little or no work to do.

3. Kitchens and Bathrooms

These rooms definitely sell houses. Replacing these however can be very expensive and should only be done if you can get a return on your investment by an increased sale price.

Kitchens – If your kitchen is showing its age why not paint it or replace the cupboard fronts and source a new work surface. This is relatively inexpensive, quick to do and can result in a stunning kitchen. Reolacement cupboard doorsMy wife Nicki refurbished our kitchen. All the door fronts (they are usually standard sizes) and wood work surfaces were ordered on line and delivered direct to the house. No, I didn’t fit them she is much better at that stuff than me!


Bathrooms – If the plumbing is ok replacing baths, WC’s and basins is surprisingly inexpensive. However you must remember that you may have to consider re-tiling. This can be expensive because until the tiles are removed you don’t know what remedial work needs to be carried out to make good the walls as it might involve re-plastering. Put in storage solutions to hide all your bath stuff , it is amazing how many prospective purchasers notice this oversight.

4. Adding extra rooms/extending

Our advice is to be wary of undertaking this type of project unless you have previous experience.  Sometimes the build costs will out-weigh the perceived increased value of your property. If you decide to go down this route always ask your friendly estate agent to give you a ‘before and after’  asking price. ExtesionHowever, if you have a 3 or 4 bedroom house with only one bathroom it is worth considering adding at least a shower room as this is now a must for most buyers.

Remember, many buyers under estimate how much a bathroom costs to install/refurbish. They may want to put their own stamp on the house, so your up lift in price to reflect the refurbish may be wasted.

5. Re-development of your home

When home owners employ a builder to redevelop their homes they forget how stressful it can be and how many decisions they have to make. For instance, what sort of power sockets to get; white plastic, stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, brass, flush mounted…………………. Now where are you going to put them and what are the regulations on where they have to be?

You may want the best insulation and best construction methods but remember buyers on the whole are not going to pay extra for something they can’t see. It is better to spend more money on fixtures and fittings than what is in the walls.

6. A New Way

We have recently teamed up with forward thinking architects Inhabit who will create a Computer Generated Image of what your home could look like. Some potential buyers may like your home and its location, but not its look and lack the imagination of what it could look like once redeveloped.Blue House This doesn’t involve spending money upfront (Inhabit creates the CGI free of charge) and it can lead to your property becoming more attractive to a much wider market.



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