Selling on The Dart

A couple selling their home by the River Dart to a family from Winchester. Our clients gave this lovely testimonial which I have kept in full……

It had to be Chartsedge.

“My husband and I decided to put our home on the market having finally finished the re-decoration, the extension, the new drive and gates, the garden and everything else we had been planning for rather a long time.

Over months we had been reading the weekend supplement of the local paper to get a picture of the property market in and around us ,to see how the estate agents presented property, and reading all the editorials  and articles.

There seemed little difference between the agents, similar phrasing to describe the properties, some good some not. We did see a high level of repetition using the same pretty hackneyed descriptions.

To compile a list of agents to invite to give us a valuation and outline how they would see the sale going we started with some of the names we had seen on the for sale signs in and around our village.  We went onto their respective websites to judge how easy (or not) they were to navigate, and to get a flavour of the company.  We ended up with four down from six (based on length of time to answer the telephone and standard of response)

Three were run of the mill, acceptable but not outstanding.

One did stand out however,  Chartsedge.

From reading the original, amusing,  professionally erudite articles about so many aspects of property, to the presentation of the website itself, I immediately thought this is the company we need to sell our house.  That feeling just went from strength to strength when Miles and Caroline came to see us and the house.  They were the first of the four and they stayed first by a mile in my estimation from that initial meeting until all the others had been.

The difference?  Miles and Caroline were interested, they were enthusiastic, they were engaged and they were sincere.

They were also good humoured, unstuffy and  they convinced me if anyone could sell our unique home, they could.

And they did, against all the odds of going on the market in the late autumn, a house with 5 bedrooms, on three floors and no garage, right in the middle of the village, and without a view of the river!

Their inexhaustible enthusiasm and patience never waned.  Even when our buyer took weeks and weeks to get to exchange, they kept us advised and even confident it would finally go through and it did.

So if you want to sell your property, ask Chartsedge.”