Top Tips For Selling Your Home This Spring

Property experts Chartsedge recommend some “must do’s” to prepare your house for the hot Spring Market

Front 3First Impressions –Kerb Appeal is everything… from the photos on the websites to arriving at your front door. Make sure the front garden is tidy and the lawn cut, check if the front of the house needs cleaning/a bit of redecoration. Miles recently showed a property and the wooden name plate was hanging by one screw from the wall, the potential buyers noticed immediately and commented that the house was not looked after. Spurred on by this the viewer then went on to comment on every scratch and blemish in the house.

Tidy Home – It only takes 10 seconds for someone to fall in love with your property. Having a clean and tidy home gives the right impression to the buyers and shows that you care about your house. Contrary to some advice we do not recommend taking down all personal photos and keepsakes, we believe that a property should look and feel like a home, but do declutter a bit.

Living Room WEBCosiness – We sell some properties that have stood empty for long periods. If the heating is off the properties can feel cold and unwelcoming. They sometimes have a damp smell and buyers think that there is an underlying problem with the house. It is better to keep the heating running gently as this prevents your home feeling cold and not appealing.

Photos – Earlier in the year we had problems taking suitable photographs of properties because the weather was so miserable. If you can remember to take as many high resolution photos as possible on a sunny day (smart phones have a high definition button on their cameras) especially of the garden. This means that if the estate agents’ photographer arrives on a miserable day you have back up photos showing your house at its best which can be emailed to them.

SwallowDon’t put off the chores any longer – That dodgy garden gate, the sticking back door, cleaning the windows, the cobwebs in the utility room, mowing the lawn………….. Spend a weekend doing all these tasks even before the estate agent comes round to value your home, although they are experts they can be more positive about the pricing if they think the house and gardens are well cared for.

Estate Agents – Ask their advice as to whether anything needs to be done, they know what buyers pick up on. Maybe some of the filing cabinets in your home office may have to be relegated to the garage or Granny’s plate collection should be relocated to the loft. Also tell them how the house works and whether the cat/dog/gerbil is allowed outside or into the bedrooms during a viewing.