Chartsedge teams up with visualised images firm

Estate Agents Today

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Written by  Graham Norwoodvisual

A Westcountry estate agency has joined forces with Inhabit New Homes, which offers CGI photographs of suggested revamps of homes on sale.

Exeter-based Chartsedge, run by ex-Knight Frank man Miles Kevin, is believed to be the first agency to offer the service to sellers.

It works like this. Chartsedge gets the agreement of a seller to allow an enhanced impression of their property to be created by Inhabit, which describes itself as “an architectural visualisation and marketing company with the aim of making great design and architecture available to the vendor at the point of marketing their property.”

The CGIs are then promoted, along with photographs of the home as it looks now, to show prospective buyers how it could look after work has been completed. There is no planning consent secured for changes, nor estimates given of the cost of the makeovers.

Inhabit says its service “is most successful for a specific niche in the market relating to property of high end value in the finest locations.” This may well be code for saying it is best suited to showing buyers what a great house could look like at a prime south west location, where now there may be less attractive homes which were built in past decades.

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