You’ve found your dream home and your offer accepted. Congratulations! Your journey to owning your new property has officially begun. But before you start looking for a removal company, you’ll need to progress the house sale to completion day, and in an ideal world,  it will all be stress free!

If you’re wondering what happens after your offer is accepted by the seller, and you start the conveyancing process, here are five immediate things you need to do to get things moving towards a time when you can exchange contracts and get a completion date.

  1. Provide Confirmation and Necessary Documents

Once your offer is accepted for the agreed purchase price, your agent will likely give you a congratulatory call. But this won’t just be a courtesy. They’ll also request confirmation of a few things so they can finalise the offer.

You’ll usually need to provide confirmation of things like:

  • You have the funds available to make the purchase of your new home.
  • Address proof and bank statements regarding your deposit funds.
  • Your mortgage offer or mortgage agreement in principle from your mortgage company.
  • You have a conveyancing solicitor ready to undertake local authority searches, water authority searches, land registry and title register legal work.
  • Whether you will have a building survey (you are not legally obliged to have a property survey but it can help identify any structural issues.)
  1. Remove Competition

Normally, estate agents will cancel viewings and take the property off the market as soon as your offer is agreed. However, you’ll want to make sure this is definitely the case.

Remove the competition immediately and ask your agent to cancel any scheduled viewings and mark the property as SSTC (Sold Subject To Contract).

  1. Instruct Your Conveyancing Solicitor

There’s no better time to get the ball rolling than straight after your offer is accepted. For a quicker sale, you’ll want to instruct your solicitor as soon as possible. If you haven’t already found a solicitor, ask your estate agent for a recommendation. Once the Agent has your solicitor’s details a Memorandum of Sale can be issued after which a draft contract will be issued and your solicitor will start completing the local searches and environmental searches on the property, liaise with the seller’s solicitor and work towards making you the legal owner.

Your solicitor will advise you on the whole process including the draft contract, stamp duty costs (and any extra costs), location specific searches, all the legally binding parts of the sale process, right up to exchanging contracts. Depending on the solicitor, they may ask you to pay up-front for some of their services. Solicitor’s really can hugely affect your purchase so this is where it is really worth spending the money on a good reputable company and using a solicitor that you communicate well with.

  1. Complete Your Mortgage Application

Since the mortgage in principle was an interim agreement with your mortgage lender, you’ll need to take mortgage advice and complete a full application for the money now that your offer has been accepted, and also get a mortgage valuation survey on the property. You’ll need to apply for the exact amount of money you need to borrow from your mortgage provider.

If you have a mortgage advisor, they’ll guide you through this process and let you know what information you need to supply.

  1. Arrange a Survey

While surveys aren’t compulsory when you buy a new home, they’re a good idea. During a survey, a professional surveyor will inspect the property and cast an eagle eye over the place. Surveys can help you understand any current or future issues you may have with the property.

To arrange the survey, the Company will contact your estate agent to book a convenient time with the sellers. Survey costs can vary so if you are planning on getting a house survey it’s important to look at the options available to you.

Final Steps

Once all the searches have been completed, the survey is done, and all the paperwork is in order, you will be ready to exchange contracts. A completion day will be agreed and a deposit is payable, both parties are now legally committed to the sale and purchase and it is your responsibility to insure the property.

The next step is completion day, your solicitor will ensure the mortgage lender releases the funds, and your estate agent will ensure both buyers and sellers are in the loop right up to the point when the sale is legally binding.

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